Surveys the history of South Asia (contemporary India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, with some consideration of Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tibet, and Sri Lanka) in ancient, medieval, and early modern eras. Central themes include the emergence of social orders, religions, and regions; global and regional mobility and connections; relations between social and religious communities (Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims; peasants, elites, genders); changing state structures; and early European presence. This course is offered as both AAS 218 and HIS 218. Formerly offered as AAS/HIS 347; not for credit in addition to AAS/HIS 347.

Recent Sections Instructor(s) Syllabus
Fall 2018: 01-LEC Eric Beverley Download
Fall 2018: R01-REC Eric Beverley Syllabus Unavailable
Fall 2018: R02-REC Eric Beverley Syllabus Unavailable
Fall 2018: R03-REC Eric Beverley Syllabus Unavailable


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